Saturday, July 9, 2016

Charming or charm-free?

All industries, be it old-school corporates, or the new hipster creative spaces, they all need leaders. And to be a successful leader, you need to have the right amount of charm. But charm is a spectrum - there is charm free, then charming, and then there is creepy. The right oodles of it can do wonders for your career, and excess of it can get you labelled downright creepy. And charm is not just exclusive to the service givers - consumers too benefit if they are charming. You might get a hotel upgrade, if you treat the reception staff well.

1) Watch the tone: Keep the tone of your voice warm and pleasing. People don't remember the words, they remember the tone they were spoken to. You cannot charm anyone with a commanding tone.

2) A lot's in the name: Make an effort to learn the first names of people whom you interact with on a regular basis.

3) Don't break poise: : Charming people are not impulsive. In addition to this, they have imbibed the habit of letting go.

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