Wednesday, January 11, 2017

7 Major communication mistakes you are making in your life

Communication is the way to speak out your mind; it is a way to express your inner feeling. It is the information or word or even knowledge transmitted or conveyed from one person to another, it may be either verbal or written
An effective and efficient communication system requires proficiency in delivering and receiving the message. People make many communication mistakes in the day to day activities. Lack of communication skills may lead to unprofessionalism in your behavior.

Let’s have a look at a few major business communication mistakes you are making right now.

1.      Grammatical mistakes while communicating with employees and partners
It is very important to take care of tone, accent, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors while communicating with your employee, which is why it is necessary to check all your emails and letters before sending them to your staff and co- workers.

2.      Delivering the bad or harsh message through emails
Sometimes emails and written letters fail to convey your feeling through your writing and impact of such mails can be so upsetting for you for your co- workers. If you want to deliver some bad news then it’s better to do this through verbal communication by this you can clarify the matter to your staff.

3.      Racially biased comments
Every 4 out of 10 employees suffer from racist comments at their workplace. To avoid such situation, it’s better to think twice before passing any message your employees.

4.      Avoiding difficult conversation
Avoid difficult conversation at your workplace; sometime you may arrive in such a situation where circumstances become worst, due to this you may face some inconvenience. So take an intelligent decision to avoid such conversation.

5.      Not taking care of  other need or being assertive
The behavior of being assertive is stating what you need without taking care of your employee, staff or co worker needs, such behavior and posture is not tolerable in a healthy working environment. Organize a training session or group meeting to avoid the communication gap and to identify everyone’s need.

6.      Reacting not responding
Do not shout at your colleague in frustration, as this can damage your reputation in your team, you may upset your team by your rude behavior.

7.      Interrupting in between communication
Interrupting in between communication of others communication is always a bad habit. Do not lose your control on your words in over excitement.

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