Wednesday, November 22, 2017

My article titled Dare to be Different in India Today Woman, November, 2017

·         Speak up and contribute to discussions - Don't offer suggestions gingerly during business meetings or issue orders mildly. To survive and flourish in today's competitive business world, internalise the fact that being assertive is not being pushy.
·         Focus on communication skills - Being more sensitive, we view a 'no' in a business meeting emotionally. Instead, view the 'no' objectively, as a challenge and either try again another time or be better prepared next time to hold your ground.
·         Attitude towards time - As offices adopt a flexi time approach, displaying good time management skills are important, whether you are taking a call from home or office or are delivering an urgent report while waiting at the airport lounge.
Display confident body language - Your body movements, posture, facial expressions, and eye contacts influence your audience. Send a strong visual message by taking care of your attire and body language.

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